Super Bowl Preview DTC Edition; Redskins Coaching Carosel and QB options

The NFL Superbowl is going to be played in just a few days. LP and FP are here to preview the big game. Do the Rams have enough in the tank to beat the Patriots? Is TB12 and Belichick just too good to lose to a 2nd year coach and 3rd year QB? Sean McVay + Jared Goff combined age 57, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick combined age 157 or something like that. Experience in the big game matters and that might be too much for the young guys to handle. At 14:35 the talk shifts to the local football team. Bruce Allen thinks the Redskins are close, close to what? We don’t know. Jay Gruden has a new coaching staff, Jimmy Tomsula is returning and one Redskin is ecstatic. The guys disagree about what the Skins should do at QB this offseason, listen in and tell us what you think @DefeatTheCurse on Twitter and @DefeatingTheCurse on Instagram. 

News & Notes from Dusty Baker’s Pregame Presser

DTC is broadcasting live from a rainy Nationals Park on U.S. Coast Guard Day at Nats Park where the team is returning from a seven day road trip and ready to face the second place Marlins in a 4-game series. Before tonight’s game, we joined Dusty’s presser and got some updates on some injuries and some other tidbits about our ball club, which looks to build on the momentum of a series win in Chicago this past weekend against the Cubs.


Injuries – In what felt like a never end laundry list of names and issues, no major updates on any of the players on the DL or on assignment for the Nats. Trea Turner will begin hitting soon and testing his swing after hurting his wrist on a hit by pitch several weeks ago. Turner will be moving to West Palm Beach and continuing his rehab at spring training headquarters. Jayson Werth continues to be close to returning but is now focused on running and testing that bad toe/foot and hopes to return very soon. Stephen Strasburg did throw a bullpen session today but no timetable on his return. Meanwhile Michael Taylor continues his rehab assignment and is looking to regain his bat speed after starting 1 for 22 in Syracuse on assignment

Max Scherzer – Dusty confirmed Max Scherzer will be getting the start tonight, 5 days after leaving his last start early with neck spasms. Dusty mentioned there is no cause for concern with Max and that both his arm and his legs feel good, which is a great sign. What wasn’t a great sign was the gesture Max made to Dusty which initiated his removal from his last start. Dusty spoke about the panic in the dugout when your ace gestures that he needs to come out after 1 inning and especially with a guy like Max. Dusty jokingly said he thought he exerted too much energy on his HR trot and that he wanted to go out on a high mark J

Passing of Don Baylor – Dusty’s longest and most emotional response today came when asked about the news of the passing of Don Baylor, a former teammate and friend of Baker. Dusty said that he was supposed to be Hank Aaron to Baylor’s Frank Howard as they both came up in the league together and got drafted together. He then retold the story of how he learned of Baylor’s death today from Baylor’s son and that he wishes he had spent more time calling Baylor back. Dusty ended his presser by stating he had just listened to Tupac’s “Death around the corner” track and believes that’s why it’s so important to be kind and friendly to people because you never know when they’ll be gone.

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