Nationals Lose Turner and the NBA is Absolutely Crazy

Trea Turner will miss time… that we know. The full DTC cast is live and talking sport tonight on the heels of the Nationals splitting their series against the Cubs (2:54) in DC and losing Turner for at least a month. Stevie gives every Nats fan several reasons to believe things will be ok while FP discusses what moves management must make right away. The boys also discuss the NBA at length (16:20) with Joe and LP trying to figure out what the heck is happening in the NBA with CP3 moving to Houston and Paul George linked to a dozen teams with free agency just hours away. Could Phil Jackson (28:30) coach in the Big3 league? Who does Lonzo Ball (31:45) remind you of? Plus Trump (39:30) keeps tweeting and the biggest news of the week… DTC has joined the HMG family (intro)! Tune in, listen, share, repeat! Happy 4th of July to everyone! (photo credit: Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)


D.T.C. Joins Heroes Media Group

We have been teasing this news for the better part of three weeks but today we make it official… Defeating the Curse (D.T.C.) has joined the Heroes Media Group (HMG) family!


HMG is a podcast network and broadcasting platform dedicated to providing a voice for our community heroes and those support them. (Read more here.)

Considering how quickly everything came together we are still in a bit of shock ourselves but we are thrilled to get started and leverage our new partner to expand our audience base beyond D.C. and the east coast.

The full press release can be read here, but before we go back into the bunker to record we want to first thank our incredible fans for their continued support and reassure all of you that we are still, and will forever, be determined to Defeat the DC Sports Curse.

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Triple R: Tight Ends & Cornerbacks

This episode of the D.T.C. Redskins Roster Report (Triple R) is focused on two positions that didn’t change much this offseason… at least as far as the starters go. The TE position continues to be anchored by Jordan Reed but can he survive an entire season? Will the next injury he sustains push him towards retirement? Can Vernon Davis be trusted as a pass catcher? The Redskins did add some depth at the position but carrying four TE’s is risky. The corner back position is a different story as they were largerly not impacted by injury last season. Adding two BIG rookies at over six feet tall and 200+ lbs gives the Skins some much needed size and hopefully will ease the pressure off second year “stud in the making” Kendall Fuller. Josh Norman will be allowed to shadow his WR target all game long, so say the coaches, how will that impact Breeland and the rest of the secondary? Tune in and find out why this group of fans is a little down on the TE’s but encouraged by the new CB’s! (photo credit: USA Today / Redskins Wire)

Kirk Cousins Contract Saga Continues

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 10.34.11 AM

Derek Carr just signed a 5 year $125m deal with the Raiders with only $40m guaranteed and in an instant every Redskins fan asked themselves the same exact question… “Isn’t Kirk worth at LEAST the same?!” Steve and Joe debate what Kirk is worth on the open market verses what he is worth to this Redskins team with this staff and this roster in the historical context of Washington DC sports plus the duo offer a few thoughts on the 1991 Redskins team which was recently hailed as the best in the NFL over the last 30 years and recap the Nationals weekend series against the Reds too!

Offseason Review – Washington Capitals

It’s been an eventful two weeks for the Washington Capitals. If you’re like us here at DTC, you are just now getting over the sting of that upsetting loss. The Capitals appear to have moved on faster than us fans. Thankfully. Onwards and Forwards to next year. Critics claim the window is closing. They say our chance to hoist up the Stanley Cup is quickly fading. Try telling that to GM Brian MacLellan.


First things first we have to discuss the resigning of T.J Oshie. The last two seasons were reason alone to offer up an 8yr/46mil contract. Thankfully the Capitals front office signed and secured him before he hit Free Agency. I’m sure another DC team wished they had done something similar….cough-Redskins-cough…Anyways, locking up Oshie right after losing Nate Schmidt was just what this fan base needed to see. Its evident that the front office is focused on keeping this team as competitors and fighting while we still can.

Speaking of Nate Schmidt, losing a defenseman is never easy. Especially when you think back to this year’s playoffs and how much help was needed. Currently we have 4 defensemen. Niskanen, Carlson, Orpik and Chorney. Orlov is also expected to resign, making the grand total 5. That leaves the Caps one defenseman short of three full pairs. A quality 7th is also a big need. If you don’t really know what any of that means, all you need to know is this — We need more defenseman on our damn team!

Enter the NHL draft. Once again, the Capitals front office is addressing needs and making fans everywhere take a deep breath. Within the span of 60 minutes, the Caps drafted 3 young defensemen. Tobias Geisser (4th round), Sebastian Walfridsson (5th round) and Benton Maass (6th round). The biggest pickup naturally being Geisser. Big frame, great 2-way defenseman, impressive mobility and owns a hard shot. Great for power plays. The only knock would be that he plays soft for how big his frame is. Hey, maybe he and Matt Jones can get together and discuss other similarities.

Without forgetting the final pick of the draft, the Caps drafted another winger. Kristian Roykas-Mathinsen from Norway. Good young player that shows plenty of offensive prowess. Overall the Caps have done enough to keep this fan satisfied. Now all that’s left is to figure out where Ovechkin disappears to during the playoffs.