Fail to the Redskins; Fire Bruce; Record Low Attendance

The Redskins are an embarrassment that words cannot fully illustrate. Once upon a time we had a real quarterback… he wore the number 8. Bruce Allen refused to sign him to a long term deal, traded away all of his receivers, his “weapons”, then watched him still throw for nearly 4000 yards before refusing to sign him again, and ultimately watched him leave DC just as the prime of his career was on the horizon. Alex Smith (Godspeed on your recovery) is likely never going to play football again, Colt is a backup at best and a year and half away from returning from his injury, Mark Sanchez does not belong in the NFL and Josh Johnson will start at quarterback next week for the 6-7 Redskins who left the few true fans they had left with their heads in their hands asking themselves how much longer must we endure Bruce “Goose” Allen? Playoffs? Forget about it… we need the ‘Skins to lose 50-0 every week moving forward to force Dan to fire Bruce. As fans we deserve better than this! The Giants are not a more talented team, but they showed today that in sports, talent never beats hard work. Today, every Redskins fan should be disappointed, and if we really want to see change, we have to send a message… don’t sell your tickets, trash them, force this team to play in front of no fans… when we attend they complain… so let’s give them what they want… silence. Shame.

Alex injured, Colt in as Skins Lose

Another gruesome quarterback injury in Washington DC. 30 years ago to this day we all witnessed it with Joe Theismann and today we witnessed it with Alex Smith. Alex was finally starting to hit his stride before he was knocked out of the game. Colt McCoy who has plenty of experience in the Jay Gruden system came in and looked alright. In the end it wasn’t enough to beat the Houston Texans but it’s really larger than just this one game. Do the Redskins have a recipe for success for the rest of the season? Join LP and FP on this episode of DTC to discuss. Send us your thoughts on twitter at @defeatthecurse!

Redskins: They aren’t who we thought they were?

The Washington Redskins lost their third game of the season to the now 4-4 Atlanta Falcons. LP and FP dive into how the loss negates anything positive fans thought about this team, and question what product they’ll see moving forward. Tevin Coleman and Julio Jones shredded the defense. The Alabama wall has crumbled, and Josh Norman pissed everyone off yet again. Alex Smith and the offense got their passing yards, but it came at a cost of the entire O-line going down, and Adrian Peterson not being involved. 

NFL Free Agency; Redskins Improve Defense; DC United Playoff Push; World Series Recap

Stevie and Joe are ready to break down NFL free agency and the moves the Redskins did and did NOT make at the trade deadline! Stevie wanted offensive help, Joe didn’t, but both were surprised to hear the Redskins acquired a defensive back improving a unit that needed depth and strengthening a strength which may propel the defensive from 4th overall to best in the league! The duo also talk World Series, briefly discuss the NBA (yuck @Wizards) and touch on the DC United home playoff game set for Wednesday night! Listen, and share!

Wizards beat Blazers; Melo isn’t a Rocket; Lakers May Lose Every Game; NBA Scoring Record

The NBA is back and the Wizards should be a team to challenge for the Lebron-less Eastern Conference crown along with the Raptors, Celtics, and maybe… the Bucks?! Well, Joe thinks so encourage #DCfamily to not lose hope after a slow start to the season for the Wiz. Justin (@jusblaze_513) from the Above the Rim Podcast joins the show to talk about the big storylines across the NBA through the first full week of the season and share his thoughts on the Rockets, Lakers, Wizards, Warriors, Celtics, Raptors, and one bold prediction that the Lakers will miss the playoffs even if fully healthy! Joe shares some insight into why EVERY team in the NBA is scoring over 100pts per game and asks if it is sustainable? Can anyone stop the Pelicans? Warriors may need help sooner rather than later, plus so much more! If you love the NBA, you will love this episode of the DTC podcast!