EB As OC; NFL Offseason


Eric Beinemy has been hired as Ron’s Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator. Join LP and FP as they react to the hire. Could it be anything other than anĀ  A+? Given all the names rumored it was absolutely the best case scenario. Why would EB want to come to DC? Could it be a really good shot? And work under a coach who is similar to Andy Reid? What about the other QBs this offseason, where are they going to go? Daniel Jones, Derek Carr, Aaron Rodgers, Zach Wilson all discussed with a little bit of XFL in there too. The beer snake is awesome!

Super Bowl 57 Preview; Can NFC East Fans Cheer for Eagles?; Life After Football


We are back! Join FP, Stevie, and Joe to check-in on all things DTC, where have the boys been and what’s coming next? Will the SB be a dud? Must watch TV for after-football-life? Biden SOTU speech drinking games… and special guest “Pete from Philly” joins the boys to pick over/under’s and prop bets before Sunday’s NFL season finale.