Nationals Welcome Soto; Capitals to SCF; NFL Anthem Issues

Welcome to the DTC week in review. Mat, Stevie, and Joe discuss Juan Soto and his debut with the Nationals as a lone brightspot for the team this week with a “must-have” weekend series against the Marlins coming up. At the 12 minute mark the #Nationals talk shifts to #Capitals talk with a recap of the viewing party at Cap1Arena for game 7, and a discussion of why this IS the team that can bring home a title. Tom Wilson, Great8, Holtby discussed in detail, plus, has any one GM ever been responsible for two teams facing each other in the championship round of any sport? George McPhee built both the Capitals and #Vegas #GoldenKnights and deserves credit. The final topic starting at minute 29 (after a discussion of old guys and boobs) is about the #NFL and why their new national anthem policy will only make things worse for the business. Listen, like, and share!

CAPS CAPS CAPS – Eastern Conference CHAMPIONS!

C.A.P.S. C.A.P.S. C.A.P.S. CAPS CAPS CAPS! Your 2018 Prince of Wales trophy winners the Washington CAPITALS! The Washington Capitals have won the eastern conference finals and are now heading to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1998. FP and LP are in studio discussing the monumental win for the Caps. Joined by Joe live from Capital One Arena where the fans are just losing it. Chants of “We Want Vegas” and an after an emotional win fans are going nuts! The Caps have beaten the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Pittsburgh Penguins and now the Tampa Bay Lightning and are not done yet! What an amazing feat for this team! Join us on this podcast and like, tweet and share! @DefeatTheCurse on Twitter

Photo Cred: Tommy Wilson and the Washington Capitals

Wizards Playoff Preview; NBA Playoff Preview; Hype and Expectations

The NBA Playoff picture is in focus now and the LP and Joe are going to break everything down with guest host Mark Hanna. Are the Wizards the best 8th seed ever? Are the Raptors the better opponent that the Wiz wanted to face bypassing the Celtics? Can the Wizards “turn it on” when needed? The boys discuss this and a lot more on this podcast plus take a look around the league too and ponder whether the Jazz are for real, and can Phila stun the world with a playoff series win to cap their incredible 50 game winning season. The NBA playoffs are here! Let’s go Wiz! (Photo Credit: NBCSN Washington)

Nats Rocky Start; Wiz Rocky Finish; WWE; + One More Thing

Stevie and Joe talk about all kinds of things on the latest episode of the DTC podcast. First, the Wizards are sliding into the playoffs seemingly ill prepared to face the Raptors or Celtics, while the Capitals are set to begin their championship chase with less pressure than years past. After that the boys get a mile wide and a mile deep on all things Nationals from pitching to hitting to the general sense of fear die-hard fans are starting to feel as the bats keep going cold… for Zimm, ice ice cold. Finally what would a S&J show be without some political chatter and a discussion about TV ratings including the dumpster-fire known as “GetUp” on ESPN. Tune in and share this podcast!

Zlatan; Wizards Look Bad; Redskins Look Worse; RG3 Back in the DMV


Big Z has landed in LA and the MLS will never be the same. (Who doesn’t love some soccer talk?!) Locally however the Wizards look horrible dropping games to the Bulls and Rockets, while the Nationals give up seven with Max on the mound, and the Redskins have more rumors to to deal with about problems between Bruce and Dan… oh yea, and RG3 was just signed by the Ravens… for unknown reasons. In short, business as usual in and around DC and LP and Joe are here to break it all down. Listen and share!