WFT @ Packers Postgame Live w/Bill Rohland & Joe; Packers Win 24-10

The Washington Football Team traveled to Green Bay to face the Packers and ultimately lost by 14 BUT the game could have gone very differently! The great Bill Rohland joins Joe to discuss the game beyond the numbers … did the defense have their best performance? (yes). Did the offense keep pace with the Packers? (yup, out-gained them actually). Did Green Bay continue their trend of giving up touchdowns in the red-zone? (nope). The Football Team had several chances today to get meaningful points but just couldn’t get it done and ultimately drop a tough one to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers on the road. Bill and Joe break it all down and what it means for the WFT as they prepare to face the Broncos in Denver next week. 

Chiefs v WFT; NFL Top 5 Low 5; Ron Quotes; NFL Spin; Capitals Season Starts

FP, LP, and Joe look forward to Chiefs v Football Team on Sunday and the defensive masacre that may be awaiting both teams. The trio covers the NFL top and bottom teams as well and the fall out from Vegas now that Gruden has been fired by the Raiders. Finally, the CAPITALS season begins tonight and FP is ready ready ready!

Gruden Resigns; WFT Struggles; KC looming

Jon Gruden resigns amidst horrible emails are leaked however Washington Football Team (the source of the emails) remain unscathed. Does this re-open the investigation on Washington Football Team? How many other NFL execs and coaches were also in on this? Where are the Beth Wilkinson findings??? On the field Washington is struggling once again. FP wants Ron Rivera to lay out his plan while LP thinks he doesn’t need to report to the media, fans, etc. Which side are you on? This pod gets a little testy between FP and LP, must listen!


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Ashburn Raid; NFL Top5/Low5; Saints Preview (Who Dat?)

FP and Joe share thoughts on the WFT facility being raided as part of an ongoing investigation… whatever is happening, it isn’t good. The duo also talk top 5 and low 5 while looking around the NFL and get into all things New Orleans leading up to the battle of the 2-2’s.  Alec from the FullPressSaints Podcast and Final Drive on FishBowl radio joins the DTC crew during the second half for an extended deep dive into the up’s and down’s of the Saints so far this season + Taysom Teasers and prop bets! Thanks for listening! 

Postgame Live; WFT Wins; Many Questions Remain

The WFT traveled south to ATL to face the Falcons and came away with a victory. Did they play well? Sorta? The Falcons had their moments and the Football Team did as well. 2-2 looks a lot better than 1-3 but they honestly feel the same right now. Chase Young got flagged for a terrible penalty, but the refs gave it back on the next possession. WFT is going to set a record for number of 3rd plays they give up that turn into touchdowns! If that’s not a stat, it needs to be! A win is a win… but this doesn’t feel great.