Redskins Win 24-6; Crush Cardinals; Colts Up Next

Hail to the Redskins! After a big 24-6 win in Arizona, FP, Stevie, Razzle, and Joe are locked and loaded to talk about everything that went right, and everything that went wrong. Jay finally got an opening week victory, the skins finally have a workhorse running back, and Alex Smith looked cool in the pocket all day long thanks to a solid performance by the offensive line. The defense looked good too with the rookies doing some solid work upfront while the veteran defensive backs created problems for Bradford all day long. All in, a big win for the redskins! Hail to the Redskins! Hail Victory!

Nationals Are Done; Nike Features Kaep; NFL Season Begins

Joe and Stevie are live and ready to go talking about the end of the Gio era with the Nationals, the reasons why the season went so poorly, and what to expect in the coming months as Rizzo prepares for 2019. The duo also discuss Nike and the 20th anniversary of the “Just Do It” campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick and his afro, before shifting gears to discuss the NFL season at-large as it begins anew with a terrible Ealges Falcons game and a bunch of duds on the schedule for Sunday as well. For the record, Joe and Stevie both agree, Nike made a mistake with this ad campaign but for two very different reasons… tune in to find out!

Redskins Cardinals Week 1 Preview


The NFL 2018-2019 season is here and LP and FP are breaking down everything you need to know before the week 1 matchup with the Arizona Cardinals. There is plenty to be optimistic about the Redskins but there is still plenty to be concerned about, clarity will come Sunday. At 11:46 the DTC crew is joined by Blake Murphy Staff Writer from the Revenge of the Birds, blog site and co-host of the Bird Gang Blitz podcast. Blake shares plenty of insight into the Cardinals offseason to include starting quarterback Sam Bradford. Blake touches on what Redskins fan should expect from an Adrian Peterson after seeing him in Arizona last year. Finally the crew picks winners for Sunday’s game. Who they pick may just surprise you. Tune in for all you need to know before Sunday’s NFL week 1 game. Photo Credit: