Nobody Cares About Baseball; Commanders Look Not-Good; Manti T’eo Apologies

Mic check, mic check… Stevie and Joe are return to the pod to catch-up on a few different topics while the dust settles on summer 2022. Nationals trade their brightest star, after trading their previous brightest stars, after letting their stud slugger leave town… and Stevie is convinced Mike Rizzo can rebuild the team (again… and quickly)! The Commanders look worse defensively but the real chatter is about the Lions on HARD KNOCKS… Tiger isn’t going to LIV, Manti T’eo has a must watch documentary on Netflix that must be watched … and what do you expect from a Game of Thrones reboot/spin-off? Welcome back to DTC.

Ticket Price Problems; Commanders Issues; London Bound?; Remember #7; Capitals Surge

Could the end be near for Commanders owner Dan Snyder after leaked reports show ticket sales were padded and not disclosed to the other NFL owners? What if the team moves to London, could another team be relocated to DC? Plus, remembering #7 and a quick chat about the Capitals and how they remind Joe of old guys playing basketball stringing together wins by outsmarting the competition. Listen now as FP and Joe discuss it all and remember you can live tweet the show anytime from any social media platform!

Saudi Golf; NBA Studs/Duds; Soto Saga Begins; Zim Retires

Stevie and Joe are on the mics and are ready to talk about everything post-NFL. Should the Saudi’s standup a rival to the PGA? Can the NBA ever recapture the magic of the early 2000s east/west all-star game and dunk contests? What does a real offer to Juan Soto look like if you are the Nationals + Zim’s legacy is sealed in DC.

Dallas Takeover FedEx; WFT 6-7; Wiz Drop Another One; Hot Chocolate

Stevie and Joe fire up the mics for a rare mid-day show but there is just too much to discuss to wait any longer! Dallas took over FedEx and the brave WFT fans that paid to go to the game the first half was terrible, the second half was better, but the team just couldn’t pull out a win in the end. WFT still control their playoff destiny but need a win against Philly to keep the train on its tracks… how can they do that without half their defensive starters?? + Wiz are sliding and Beal may be done + why is hot chocolate so good!?