DC: District of Champions

From coming back from 0-2 against Columbus to defeating their arch rivals in Pittsburgh to beating the hottest team in hockey in the Golden Knights to more recently finding their homes/beds after a 24 hour bender across the DC area, these Capitals have shown they are up for every challenge that comes their way. And as the Hurricane Ovechkin party tour winds down and these players go their separate ways for the offseason, they leave behind a city that has now tasted victory and wants more of it. So the real question for this Capitals team is this: can they transform this city into the “District of Champions”?Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 11.14.42 PM.png

To do so, they would have to have left some of that championship mojo back at Nats Park after celebrating with the Cup (and a few dozen beers) at Saturday’s game. The Caps Stanley Cup championship coupled with this iteration of a powerhouse roster for the Nats give this city its best chance at back to back titles in the 4 major professional sports. Could the Nationals do the unthinkable and hoist the World Series trophy only 6 months after DC hoists the Stanley Cup? It’s very possible but in order to do so, the Nats will have needed to learn a few things from their drunken compadres on the ice.

The first lesson from this Stanley Cup run is that stars need to play like stars when it counts most. For all the talk of Ovechkin disappearing in big games, he, along with Kuzy, Backstrom, and Wilson, were all over the stat sheet throughout the playoff run and specifically the series against the Golden Knights. The Nats will need their superstars to step up come playoff time, meaning Max Scherzer will need to make up for last year’s disastrous Game 5 showing against Chicago and Bryce will need to bat better than his current .231 average.

Secondly, coaches must coach to win and not just to not lose. No decision made more of an impact in this playoff run than Barry Trotz’s decision to bench goalie Philip Grubhauer for backup Braden Holtby. Holtby rewarded the coach’s gutsy decision with incredible performances, including back to back shutouts against Tampa Bay to save that series. In years past, Nats managers, riddled with crazy high expectations, have coached scared, not willing to shake things up when things seemed perilous. In order to win the big one, Davey Martinez and his staff will need to make tough calls and be wiling to shake things up when need be.

Finally, the greatest lesson from the Capitals playoff run is just how much this city will get behind a championship team. For all of the haters and naysayers (looking at you Wilbon) that call DC a “minor league sports town”, this Stanley Cup run showed just how hungry this city is for a winner and the lengths we are willing to go to root them on and carry them to victory. So the Nats would be wise to remember that come October, that if they can get over the proverbial hump (insert Camel joke here), then they will be showered with the most insane love and gratitude and loyalty that this city has to offer. And for a city not known for its loyalty, that ain’t nothing.

Capitals vs Knights; DC vs Vegas; Stanley Cup Preview


Happy Memorial Day and remember to remember those that have paid the ultimate price for our great nation this holiday weekend. The #Capitals are in #Vegas to face the #GoldenKnights and Joe is joined by Aaron Crouch, host of the Vegas Squares Podcast (@vegassquares) to breakdown the SCF matchup and discuss what may be a storybook ending for one of these two teams that both kinda feel destined to win the Cup of Lord Stanley Preston. This is it DC, we are just one “sleep” away from game one! Listen and learn everything you need to know before history is written on Monday night!

100 Episodes Later… The Capitals May Do It!

Hard to imagine that this little sports experiment is 100 episodes and 52 articles old but here we are. Many have asked “Why didn’t DTC celebrate their 100th episode?” and there are two reasons… the first is embarrassing but true, we lost track of what episode we were on and this isn’t a sitcom, so does it really matter? The second reason is the real reason… we don’t want to jinx (fake jinx) the DC Sports Curse… which may or may not be real… but could be… but we aren’t sure… but we’ll see.

Image result for the dc sports curse


The entire city will be watching tonight, we are lead to believe so at least, as the Capitals attempt to win a game seven… on the road… and lead a DC team to the the finals in one of the four major sports for the first time in 20 years. The premise of this entire project, podcast, articles, and all, was to find some mojo to defeat the sports curse which has crushed souls and spirits in the District spanning nearly an the age of an adult of drinking age. The image above is so perfect and is borrowed with love from RussianNeverBreaks and is so perfect D.C. wouldn’t you agree… the crying Jordan meme is all of us for the past two decades but win or lose tonight, the Capitals are to be received with nothing but praise.

If you are anywhere near D.C. tonight, or maybe attending the Nationals game this afternoon, make your way over to the Cap1Vault and watch the Capitals vs. Lightning LIVE with the DTC sports crew and join us for a live show afterwards… win or lose we will broadcast… but we want a win! We want June hockey in DC as bad as we want November baseball and maybe, one day, February football too.

If you have no idea what I am talking about or have recently arrived from outer space, get caught up on all things Caps by listening to and subscribing to our podcast.

Let’s go Caps! C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS! #AllCaps this is it! Defeat the Curse!

Nationals Rising; A+ Pitching; Sports Betting Win


Off the bat of Mark Reynolds… the Nationals win all four in Arizona, improve to 13 wins in their last 15 games, and are outscoring opponents nearly two to one (69-35). The Nationals are rising, the pitching is outstanding, and the panic that was has no subsided to a gentle “May-Calmness” that everyone DC can appreciate! The Capitals seem to be on a heater of their own but what the Nationals are doing day in and day out is excellent and most on the panel today agree they could go 8-2 or 9-1 over their next ten to further pad their stats! Join Stevie, Reali, Mat the Met, Doc, and Joe on a full-house roundtable discussing all things Nationals! .. and go C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS!

Max By The Numbers

“It’s human nature to miss what’s under your nose… Till you remind a fool”
~Fresh Eyes, Andy Grammar

My apologies on the cheesy opening line but anytime you can incorporate an Andy Grammar lyric into a baseball article, you gotta go for it. Next week hopefully will be a Kanye reference (just kidding, but we do love free thought).

The truth is just as the lyric says, sometimes all of us take for granted something so close to us, something so great that we see so often. And that’s exactly where a lot of Nats fans might be right now with one, Maxwell M. Scherzer.

Every 5th day this guy gets on the bump is a sight to behold. The buzz in the stadium when Max is pitching is electric and the anticipation of seeing something special is palpable. And the numbers back it up.

Image result for max scherzer

In the month of April, Scherzer went a sterling 5-1 with a 1.62 ERA (7 ER/39.0 IP) and 57 strikeouts against just nine walks. Those numbers were good enough to earn him the National League Pitcher of the Month Award, announced last Wednesday.

Last month, Scherzer led the National League in strikeouts (57) and wins (5). He also ranked in the top five in the National League in strikeouts per 9.0 IP (2nd, 13.15), ERA (4th, 1.62), WHIP (4th, .082), opp. AVG (T4th, .165) and opp. OBP (5th, .227). He recorded four 10+ strikeout games, tied with Houston’s Gerrit Cole for the most in Major League Baseball during the first month.

In three starts from April 9 through April 20, Scherzer allowed just seven hits in 71 at-bats, yielding an opponent slash line of .099/.169/.183. He struck out 30 batters and issued just four walks during this stretch of games. On April 9 against Atlanta, he tossed his ninth career complete game (fifth career shutout) to end Washington’s five-game losing streak. On April 14, he struck out 11 batters in 7.0 innings of two-run ball as the Nationals topped the Colorado Rockies, snapping the club’s three-game losing streak.

With the Nats off to a somewhat rocky start, one shutters to think where this team would be without the consistent brilliance of Scherzer. But as we at DTC have been saying all season long, as long as Max is there every 5th day, this ball club will be in the hunt come October.

But speaking of October, I think I speak for all Nats fans when I say as great as Max has been, there is a still a long way to go to make up for that disastrous relief appearance against the Cubs in Game 5 of the NLDS last year. The thought of handing the best pitcher in the world a lead in a decisive game 5 at home in the top of the 5th and not winning that game still conjures up nightmares among those who were unlucky enough to witness it at the ballpark. But that was then, and this is now fresh season, fresh hopes, fresh dreams, fresh dominance, fresh eyes.

And speaking of all things fresh, Let’s go Caps! #ALLCAPS