Kirk Cousins situation; Wizards/Capitals Heating up

The DTC crew is back discussing all things Washington D.C. sports in this episode. There is no DTC podcast with at least talking the Kirk Cousins contract situation. FP, LP, and Joe all discuss the contract situation once again ahead of Kirk’s charity event on 1/5/2018. The Wizards and the Capitals are heating up. The guys discuss the amazing job that Bradley Beal is doing, and the under appreciation that Marcin Gortat often gets. In NHL talks, the Vegas Golden Knights seem to have a real home ice advantage, is that a product of being in Vegas?

Redskins Vikings Overreaction show; Caps 5-1 in last 6; Wiz win 3 straight

The Washington Redskins failed to capitalize after an impressive victory against the Seahawks last week. The team can’t seem to string together a game where the offense, defense, and special teams put together a good, full game. FP, Joe and LP talk who is to blame, there has been some talk about blaming Kirk, which the DTC crew all disagree, there has been talks about blaming the coaches which the crew is split on. Pryor jawed with a fan pregame, where LP thought that would lift his on-field play but unfortunately went 0/0. Maurice Harris had possibly the catch of the year, at least for the Redskins. The defense failed to stop the Vikings from getting in the end zone multiple times. While the offense went 2/4 in the red zone and 2/4 on fourth down conversions. The boys discuss the loss to the Vikings. At 32:29 the crew shifts to discuss the Wizards latest win streak and the capitals quietly stringing together a few good games. (Photo Credit:

C-A-P-S Charmed After Poor Start…

Thursday nights hockey game was a big game. Not only for our local NHL team, but for the city as a whole. Up until puck drop, local media, fans, and haters were all talking about the Caps inability to show up in the playoffs. The Curse was being brought up every day it seemed.

Less than 10 minutes into game 1, the Caps were down 2-0. The phone booth was silent. A calm sea of red surrounded the ice. Nerves at an all time high. Lopsided this was not. The Caps came out sloppy. Poor puck handling on defense led to a team riddled with youth and inexperience outshoot the caps 10-3 in the second period.

This rang all too familiar to the loyalists. To see a team sit atop the league all year only to come out flat in the playoffs and drag us all through another upsetting series. But luck decided to sneak into the Verizon Center. Earlier in the week, LP, one of the DTC four, said on our podcast that he hoped for a slow start. We all attacked him right away. Why would ANYONE wish that on their team? The answer is simple. Nothing comes easy and don’t be cocky.

The Caps needed to have their backs against the wall. Even coach Trotz felt the same way. That bad start was important. Our team and our fans need to understand in the playoffs, no game is guaranteed. Thankfully we came out victorious. Thankfully Tom Wilson had THE SHOT OF THE YEAR to seal the game and send us to game two hyped and ready for another battle. Thankfully Mike Babcock had swallow his word about who is or is not of concern to his team.

Tonight’s game will be another challenge. The top line needs to perform and be more impactful. Ovechkin, Backstrom and Oshie need to settle into a groove. It’s too early in the series to question how the top line performs. These are big time players, and there is no better time to shine than in game two.


The more minutes we come across…

Everyone has voiced their opinion about the NBA and resting players. It’s a touchy subject. The old school is saying the new class is weak, not to mention the science and trainers are pushing coaches to rest players. Really, the issue is the season is so long, it’s natural to try and find way to fight fatigue. If you want your team to perform come playoffs, sacrifices need to be made. There are plenty of ways to keep teams fresh and competition at a higher level, but let’s be honest…none are easier than resting a player.

Enter the NHL. Just like the NBA, the NHL has 82 games a season. Coach Barry Trotz has been “resting” his top line for most of the season. Yes, I am aware that playing 17 minutes instead of 19 is not the same as sitting a star player during a marquee primetime matchup, but the concept is the same.

The Washington Capitals are getting ready to fight it out for first place and secure 1st place in the Metropolitan division. Thankfully our coach had the foresight to rest his stars. Consideri the month of March; Ovechkin, Backstrom and Oshie are logging more than 19 minutes per game. This may not seem like a lot from their average of 18.30/game but it’s making a difference. Each one of those guys has been hitting the ice harder and their productivity and skills are shining through.

Tonight’s game versus the Blue Jackets is a pivotal Metro division clash. Entering Thursday’s games, the Caps have 102 points, the Penguins with 101 and Jackets clocking in with 100. A win tonight will give us some much needed breathing room. It would also help eith that whole playoff seeding format. A win tonight would help ensure dont face the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first round. If you’re familiar with the Caps, you know we don’t like the penguins come playoff time.

Tonight’s game will be 4 out of 5 between the two teams. Last game we snapped the Blue Jackets 16-game win streak. Translation — tonight’s game won’t be a walk in the park. A division rival, a close playoff race, a bad taste in Columbus’ mouth, all with one more matchup come April 2. Thankfully our coach rested our players and can now play more minutes in these important games.