WFT Season Recap; Highs/Lows; Playoff Preview

The DC Football Commanders? The DC FC? or how about the WarHogs? 

Stevie, Razzle, and Joe are ready to put the final season of the Washington Football Team to rest. It was eventful, disappointing, and most importantly the last one for the team formally known as the Redskins under their temporary name. With their new name set to be announced in a few weeks the boys talk about Highs and Lows for the season, and what may be coming next for the franchise. The boys also pick winners for every NFL matchup on the slate for Wild Card weekend and Stevie makes a few surprise (early) Super Bowl picks too!

WFT Postgame Show; Eagles Win; No Playoffs for the WFT

The WFT needed a win against the surging Eagles to keep their playoff hopes alive but were unable to get it done at FedEx in the final home game of the season. To add insult to injury, part of the stadium collapsed as well almost injuring Jalen Hurts and several others. Stevie and Joe debate was the loss more of a poor performance on the field or did it have more with the play calling on both offense and defense. Regardless, WFT have been eliminated with one game to go next week in NY against the Giants. 

The Legend of John Madden; WFT Woes; Old Redskins Highlights

Stevie and Joe are back to discuss the legend of John Madden and what he meant to generations of football fans. Some knew him as a coach, others as a tv analyst, and most today know him as the name behind the most popular football video game on the planet. The boys also discuss the disaster that was Sunday Night in Dallas and Stevie shares how he has been passing time the past week which includes watching a lot of Clinton Portis highlights! 

Eagles Run All Over the WFT; Defense Exposed; Fast Start Not Enough

There were a number of reasons (besides COVID) that led to WFT losing to the Eagles on Tuesday night… the primary reason, the defense struggled giving up over 500 yards. The Football Team drops to 6-8 and are headed to Dallas in a must win + need help situation to keep their playoff hopes alive. Razzle/Manny/Joe break it all down on this episode of DTC… 

WFT @ Eagles Preview; Cry Eagles Cry; Playoff Outlook(s)

Razzle and Joe are here to get you set for the WFT vs the Eagles on Tuesday night… there are so many playoff implications and a never ending list of COVID19 players that have to be accounted for that all bets are off heading into what is effectively a must-win for both teams! The duo take a quick glance around the NFL, recap the best games of the week, look forward towards the playoffs and try to figure out which teams have a chance to make some noise if they can get in to that 7th seed. Plus, why is RG3 still asking to play QB?