WFT @ Eagles Preview; Cry Eagles Cry; Playoff Outlook(s)

Razzle and Joe are here to get you set for the WFT vs the Eagles on Tuesday night… there are so many playoff implications and a never ending list of COVID19 players that have to be accounted for that all bets are off heading into what is effectively a must-win for both teams! The duo take a quick glance around the NFL, recap the best games of the week, look forward towards the playoffs and try to figure out which teams have a chance to make some noise if they can get in to that 7th seed. Plus, why is RG3 still asking to play QB?¬†

NFL Top 5 & Low 5 Heading into Week 3;

Bill Rohland joins Stevie and Joe for a look around the NFL… which teams are trending up, which not so up, and each have one or two teams to watch to keep an eye on as well! Peyton/Eli should be the main MNF broadcast; does anyone disagree? AND keys to a WFT win at Buffalo this weekend as told by our friends at the Not Another Bills Podcast!

2021 Week 2 Recap; NFC East Looks Strong(er); Bills Mafia Problems

Razzle and Joe¬†recap week two around the NFL including a closer look at two NFC east rivals in Dallas and Philadelphia. The duo discuss the sweetness of having the WFT win on Thursday and thus having no threat of a ruined Sunday due to loss AND debate the genius behind the Manning and Manning ESPN2 Monday Night Football broadcast. The second half of the show DTC welcomes Jamie D’Amico from the Jamie D and Big Newt Podcast (SB Nation) who covers the Bills to preview week three and talk about the ridiculous 8.5 spread for the WFT as they head to Buffalo.