Week in Wizards; The Wiz Stink vs Jazz & Stink Less vs Blazers


LP and Joe discuss all things Wizards and NBA plus a little bit of the Ball family drama and some bitcoin as well in this weeks episode of Week in Wizards. The team came out flat in Utah and rebounded one night later in Portland… so what can we learn about this team from one poor showing and one “less poor” showing? Well first, Brad Beal is a stud, but secondly, this team is going to struggle to replicate their success from last season. LP things 45 to 50 wins is still a reasonable target, Joe disagrees very strongly. If you love the Wizards and the NBA, listen to this episode! (photo credit: WaPo)

Week in Wizards; The Wiz Are Struggling without John Wall


LP and Joe were LIVE on Facebook talking Wizards after a crushing loss to the Sixers. The Wizards haven’t looked like themselves in several games now and surely much of that is because the leader, the best point guard in the east, the undisputed hero of DC; John Wall remains sidelined. But that isn’t the only reason the team is struggling. The defense has been poor and with the exception of a few games the bench is slowly coming around but has still been a liability on most nights. The Wizards have the Pistons at home before a tough west coast trip… LP and Joe share their thoughts and predictions and musings on the team and all things NBA. Tune in, like, and share! (photo credit: Getty)

Redskins Vikings Overreaction show; Caps 5-1 in last 6; Wiz win 3 straight


The Washington Redskins failed to capitalize after an impressive victory against the Seahawks last week. The team can’t seem to string together a game where the offense, defense, and special teams put together a good, full game. FP, Joe and LP talk who is to blame, there has been some talk about blaming Kirk, which the DTC crew all disagree, there has been talks about blaming the coaches which the crew is split on. Pryor jawed with a fan pregame, where LP thought that would lift his on-field play but unfortunately went 0/0. Maurice Harris had possibly the catch of the year, at least for the Redskins. The defense failed to stop the Vikings from getting in the end zone multiple times. While the offense went 2/4 in the red zone and 2/4 on fourth down conversions. The boys discuss the loss to the Vikings. At 32:29 the crew shifts to discuss the Wizards latest win streak and the capitals quietly stringing together a few good games. (Photo Credit: Televisa.com)

Week in Wizards; Cavaliers Crosstalk w/Shawn Philpot


The Wizards had a week to forget losing to the Lakers (blowing a lead), losing to the Warriors (blowing a lead), beating the Kings, and then losing to the horrible Suns at home after having a 20 point lead! LP and Joe talk about all things Wizards and the NBA Eastern Conference over the first half of the podcast and then are joined by Shawn Philpot from the Swinging Swords Podcast based in Cleveland (13:01). Shawn helps break down the craziness in the East and gives LP and Joe a few things to think about regarding this Cavaliers team in context that only a Cleveland fan could. If you love the Wizards, the Cavaliers, or the NBA, this is the game preview you want to listen to ahead of Friday night’s showdown in DC!