C-A-P-S Caps Caps Caps; Puck Luck; NBA Conference Finals; ManC 100pts


The NBA Conference finals are under way and before we get into predictions we quickly recap the Raptors vs. LeBron series, then jump into can the Rockets win, and discuss what it would take for an Eastern Conference team to win the NBA Finals…hint, “a miracle’ is a good guess. LP, Canada, and Joe discuss all things NBA and then LP and Joe jump into the C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS! The Capitals are just two games away from playing for Lord Stanley’s Cup and DC is so excited it’s hard to describe! Nationals are streaking, Caps are streaking, Redskins rookies are looking good in minicamp so far… this is an exciting time in DC Sports!…did you see ManCity put up 100pts to win the EPL too?! So much to discuss, tune in and share!

Nationals Make a Change; #BeatPittsburgh; Panic or No-Panic?


The Nationals have made a change and the DTC Nats Crew… all of us… are discussing it prior to first pitch! Stevie, Reali, Doc, Mat, and Joe break it all down and debate where it is time to panic or not as a Nationals fan and if #BeatPittsburgh can happen on both the baseball field in DC and the ice a few hours north. The pitching has been solid, the hitting not so much, injuries are a problem but not an excuse, and overall a city that is recovering from a Wizards loss needs a Caps win, and needs to see the Nationals play better overall to keep us all sane. So much in this 20min podcast… listen and share! Go Nats! …and #BeatPittsburgh!!

Wizards Lose to Raptors; 3-2 Face Elimination; Playoff Predictions


In what can only be labeled as a disappointment, the Wizards dropped game five in Toronto even though they had the lead half-way through the final frame. Wall had moments of brilliance and moments of frustration, Beal played better than he did in games one and two, but ultimately the Wizards couldn’t get points down the stretch settling for two many three pointers that just wouldn’t fall. The Wiz return to DC for a win-or-go-home game six on Friday night and Stevie, Joe, and Mina Canada break it ALL down. Winners, losers, adjustments, and predictions. Tune in and share!

DTC: Caps Win 3 Straight; Wiz win playoff home opener


The Washington Capitals have now won 3 straight! Starting the series down 0-2 to the Columbus Blue Jackets the Caps have flipped the momentum of the series based on a Nicklas Backstrom OT goal. FP, Joe and LP on an emergency Pod to discuss after a game 5 win. Has Coach Trotz played the right cards with in series adjustments? Should Holtby have started game 2? Would have made a difference? The DTC crew discusses in depth. During the second half of the Pod Joe, LP and FP discuss the Wizards game 3 win and what that means for the rest of the series? Whether the series begins to turn or not hinges on a huge game 4 in D.C. #Caps #ALLCAPS #DCFamily

DC Trifecta; Raptors Crush Wizards; Wiz Down 0-2


The Wizards didn’t show up for game two and the fans are feeling the pain throughout DC tonight. The DC Trifecta was in play but with the Wizards losing the triple win was out of the question shortly after 930p. LP, Joe, and Canada discuss the Wiz/Raptors series and break down what went wrong for DC and what went well for Toronto. Can the Wiz get right and force the series beyond four games? … maybe, but highly unlikely given their game two performance! Plus, what surprised you more… Pacers beating Cavs or D.Wade pretending that age is just a number? The NBA Playoffs are awesome, join the boys and discuss! (Photo Credit: WaPo)