Game Preview: Redskins at Chargers w/Nick Hamilton (NBC LA Writer/Reporter)

With the playoffs seemingly out of reach the DTC boys reset expectations for the Redskins coming off a horrible loss at Dallas (2:20 – 11:30) and now headed to LA to face the streaking Chargers (12:15 – 20:30). Joe feels strongly that the team has a lot to play for as does FP, while LP thinks they should be in tank mode (21:00 – 26:50). Nick Hamilton, a reporter covering both the Chargers and Rams for NBC Los Angeles, joins the show starting after the break (27min mark) and breaks down the key matchups and shares his prediction for the game on Sunday. Can the Redskins travel to LA for the second time this season and pull out another win? Share your thoughts with us! #HTTR #HailVictory (photo: )

Week in Wizards; The Wiz Stink vs Jazz & Stink Less vs Blazers

LP and Joe discuss all things Wizards and NBA plus a little bit of the Ball family drama and some bitcoin as well in this weeks episode of Week in Wizards. The team came out flat in Utah and rebounded one night later in Portland… so what can we learn about this team from one poor showing and one “less poor” showing? Well first, Brad Beal is a stud, but secondly, this team is going to struggle to replicate their success from last season. LP things 45 to 50 wins is still a reasonable target, Joe disagrees very strongly. If you love the Wizards and the NBA, listen to this episode! (photo credit: WaPo)

Redskins Lose Bad in Dallas; DC Sports Curse; Trump Tweets

The Redskins went on national TV last night and embarrassed all of their fans and the entire city of Washington DC. It was such a bad performance that Stevie demanded to be heard and joined Joe on Facebook LIVE to vent and air it all out. This is not your regular sports podcast however as when these two get going the destination is always in question. If you want some insight into POTUS tweets or the tax bill, listen to the end. If you only want to hear about the Redskins, there is plenty of that as well in the first 20 minutes as the boys revisit the agony of defeat. Is the Redskins season over? The boys have strong opinions on this but we want to hear yours too! (photo credit: 

Game Preview: Redskins at Cowboys w/Tyler from ESPN and the Enough of the B.S. Podcast

LP, FP, and Joe are joined by Tyler from the Enough the the B.S. Podcast to preview the Redskins at Cowboys matchup on Thursday Night Football. The term must-win gets tossed around a lot but for both teams the season is on the line and the Redskins need another division win to keep things interesting and on track towards a post-season birth. With injuries mounting, suspensions in play, and a (fake) short week of rest this division rivalry game is likely to be ugly, but can the DTC boys convince Tyler to pick against his Cowboys? Tune in, like, and share!…oh yea, the the boys discuss the color rush uniform issue as well! #HTTR #Hail Victory (photo credit: WaPo)

Week in Wizards; The Wiz Are Struggling without John Wall

LP and Joe were LIVE on Facebook talking Wizards after a crushing loss to the Sixers. The Wizards haven’t looked like themselves in several games now and surely much of that is because the leader, the best point guard in the east, the undisputed hero of DC; John Wall remains sidelined. But that isn’t the only reason the team is struggling. The defense has been poor and with the exception of a few games the bench is slowly coming around but has still been a liability on most nights. The Wizards have the Pistons at home before a tough west coast trip… LP and Joe share their thoughts and predictions and musings on the team and all things NBA. Tune in, like, and share! (photo credit: Getty)