Commanders Coaching Woes and Chicago Bears Preview

FP and LP are back at it with some passion! Ron Rivera had some interesting comments about why the Commanders are 1-4 yet the Eagles are 5-0, Cowboys and Giants 4-1. Three segments to the show, the coaching staff, Carson Wentz, and what the team need to do to get better. Listen in and let us know what you think @defeatthecurse on twitter

Ron Please Try Something Different; Dallas Week


On this episode FP and LP plea to Ron Rivera to TRY SOMETHING different. This team is too predictable, the Lions knew it and the Eagles knew it. After an abysmal outing against the Eagles the Commanders are back at it with another NFC East division rival, the Dallas Cowboys. How can the Commanders get back on track? Do they have a fighting chance? Listen in and let us know what you think @defeatthecurse on Twiter.

Commanders Jags Recap & Lions Preview

Welcome into Defeating the Curse, a DC Sports Podcast. Dive in with FP and LP as they recap the Commanders victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars and preview the Detroit Lions. There was plenty to like and a few things to dislike about the Commanders performance. But hey, it’s only week 1 let’s not over or under react to one victory. #HTTC


Photo Credit: USAToday

Commanders 1-0; Cowboys Stink; Top5 Low 5; Football is Back

Stevie, Razzle, and Joe are recapping a wild week one around the NFL with unlikely winners, suspect losers, and some tough betting spots as well. Carson is a wild one that will take advantage of his big play receivers at every opportunity he can.. even if that means being a tad too aggressive at times. Panic time for the Rams? Packers? 49ers?… and how poor was the Broncos game on Monday night?? Football is back, the show is back, RIP to the Queen.

Jags @ Commanders; Top5 Low5; Ballers Encore

Stevie, FP, and Joe are ready to talk about week one! The NFL is back! Tune in to find out just how up or down the boys are on the upcoming Commanders season + a top5 and low5 look around the league. FP and Stevie have the Chiefs in their top five, while Joe has the Chargers and Saints in his. Also, why was BALLERS so good?