Super Bowl Recap; Halftime Thoughts; Watching Wiz/Caps

Stevie, Razzle, and Joe are on the mics to discuss the Super Bowl and recap the game, the big plays, the missed plays, the coaching and everything in between. The boys also break down the half-time show and debate which performer should have been left out. What happens now that football is over? Do we prioritize the Wizards or the Capitals?… will baseball ever return? 

Commanders Take Command; WFT Retired; JZ Loves Uniforms; What’s Next

The Redskins became the Football Team and have now become the Commanders. The name isn’t terrible but why did it seem the organization was unprepared for an announcement of this magnitude? Three guys sitting out on the lawn? No stage? No hype video? … just seemed lacking… but it is finished. Today the name changed, and tomorrow congress will begin in their inquiry into allegations of misconduct. Busy few days in DC.

WarHogs or Football Commanders; Super Bowl is Set; Rogan Un-cancelable; Brady Retires

In a few days the #Redskins will be renamed to “something”… finally! FP and Joe revisit the AFC/NFC Championship games and debate if the WFT have a chance at landing Jimmy G after the 49ers fall short of the Super Bowl. Both boys think the Bengals have a chance but how can you not cheer for Mathew Stafford? Conversely, Joey B makes us all believe miracles can happen… and happen quickly! Check out this episode, like, share, and enter to win a Kontender bottle opener too!

The Greatest Weekend of Football (Ever); No WFT Talk; Mountain Man Visits

Join the boys as they relive the greatest weekend in NFL playoff history! Four games, four amazing games, and now what? Can the rest of the playoffs be as exciting? (no) + The boys try really hard not to bring up the WFT and our friend the Mountain Man visits the show from Denver to give us his insightful(?) hot-takes + Stevie is addicted to sandwiches.

NFL Wild Card Weekend; WarHogs or Field; Snow Days

Join the boys on Sunday night to recap the games that were (Bengals/Bills/Bucs/49ers), the game that is (KC), and to look ahead to the one that is yet to come on Monday. WarHogs and Alliance are two names making a late run in DC + snow as an adult is terrible. Stevie is also eating more sandwiches these days and 20 is afraid of having an adult opinion.