Redskins-Vikings halftime update

The game started fast. The Vikings deferred and wanted to test their Defense against the Redskins injured offense. Game on. Redskins promptly marched down the field and quickly threw a Touchdown pass to Maurice Harris. Coach Gruden had to challenge the ruling, but the Redskins clicked. Minnesota quickly and efficiently responded with a touchdown of their own. Maybe this game of a broken offense vs a strong defense has shootout potential.

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The first half moved quick. Shot for shot. Punt for punt. Touchdown for field goal? The Redskins offense has been able to move the ball. Able to put points on the board. The issues so far has been the defense. That stellar defense that held it together against Seattle couldn’t get off the field on 3rd down. Minnesota moved the ball at will. Then it happened. 1:45 left on the clock, 1 time out, and Cousins throws his pick. His notorious pick. Minnesota again quickly scored. The defense, this time put in a tough spot, still could not stop the Vikings.

This isn’t how many expected this game to be. A 27-17 half. The Redskins scoring 17 on a strong defense would typically mean the game is close. For many, especially after last week, the defense was viewed as the strength. The unit that could rally past injuries and could keep this team afloat. Right now they’ve been sinking us and the Vikings are ready to raid and pillage.

Need to Know: Redskins vs Vikings

Week 10 of the 2017-2018 season is upon us. The Washington Redskins will take the field here in Landover, Maryland in just a few short hours to take on the Minnesota Vikings. The DTC crew is live from FedEx field with 5 quick thoughts you need to know before kickoff at 1:00pm eastern.20171112_152715673_iOS

  1. The weather. The forecast earlier this week was calling for a slight bit of rain showers with the possibility of snow showers. It looks like the rain has decided to hold off and its not quite cold enough for any type of wintery precipitation. The field is in as good as condition as possible for a mid-November game. The grass is green outside the numbers, and in as moderate shape as possible inside the numbers for a mid-November game.  
  2. The offensive line seems to be getting a little healthier. It looks like Trent Williams and Brandon Scherff will possibly give it a go today, with Long and Lauvao still questionable. That means there is a chance that the full starting offensive line may be ready to go. If this offensive line is healthy enough to create some running lanes for Rob Kelly, Chris Thompson and the running game, it would be a huge boost to this offense.
  3. Maurice Harris was promoted to the 53 man roster yesterday. That may mean the Redskins aren’t expecting Brian Quick to be cleared from the NFL’s concussion protocol. It will be interesting to see if Maurice Harris is on the field to return kicks and punts, and if he gets any run at WR.
  4. Teddy Bridgewater is slated to be Case Keenum’s backup. It’s not hard for me to imagine that if Case struggles that Mike Zimmer pulls the plug and drops Teddy Bridgewater in. It will be interesting to see how long the Case leash is. The Redskins defense may have to ultimately game plan for 2 different quarterbacks.
  5. Stephon Diggs had a field day against the Redskins defense just one year ago. Diggs was targeted 15 times and caught 13 for 164 yards. Of which most came in the first half against Kendall Fuller. Fuller is playing leaps and bounds better this year; however, it will be interesting to see if Fuller can get the better of Diggs today.

Wizards Seem Unfocused; Bored

When a team goes to the Eastern Conference Semifinals, you expect them to come in the next year motivated and hungry to take the next step. That’s exactly how things looked to play out as the Wizards started the year going 3-0 and they beat up on rising Philadelphia, a Pistons team that has proven to be legit good the first 3 weeks this year, and a Denver squad that had all the makings of a deep playoff run after the addition of Paul Millsap. Since then, it has been terrible loss after terrible loss to the dregs of the NBA. Sure, they’ve mixed in a couple of solid wins against the Knicks and Raptors, but in losing 5 of their last 7 the Wizards have shown us what they are….A flawed, inconsistent team who talks a bigger game than what they show night to night.

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Don’t believe me? Just look at the quotes from Bradley Beal and John Wall before their game with Cleveland last Friday night. Claims by both of them that Cleveland ‘tanked’ to avoid the Wizards in the second round last year or that they view themselves as the best team in the Eastern Conference. This from a team that had lost to Phoenix (PHOENIX!) a couple of nights prior and then promptly went out and got smacked around by LeBron to the tune of 57 points and a near triple-double. Not to be outdone, the Wizards, after beating Toronto, went out and laid an absolute egg against the Mavericks, a double-digit loss to a bottom-feeder in the Western Conference. Dallas came in and embarrassed the Wizards on their home floor and left with twice as many wins as they had coming in. So that’s two losses to the worst that the Western Conference has to offer along with a failure to back up their smack talk against LeBron. Even Lavar Ball disrespected the Wizards and instead of doing something about it, they lost to his son’s team, the Lakers, just as Lavar had predicted.

It’s early so it’s easy to get caught up in bad losses and focus on those negatives instead of the positives. Hell, Cleveland has gotten beaten up pretty badly over the first weeks of the season suffering bad losses to some of the worst teams in the league. The difference? Cleveland has 3 straight trips to the finals and a Championship trophy to hang their hats on. What do the Wizards have? Other than a couple of trips to the second round, absolutely NOTHING. When you don’t have a track record, you need to set your sights on earning one before talking a big game. The Wizards instead seem set on establishing a track record through their words; making them an entitled team that hasn’t won anything to speak of. Just like the rest of D.C. sports, they talk a big game, but don’t do anything on the field or court to back up that talk.

This year, the East is as wide-open as it has ever been. There seems to be one near-complete team, the Celtics, and a bunch of teams trying to wiggle their way to the top. Cleveland, despite the Celtics 10-game winning streak, is clearly the favorite even with their shaky start to the season. Then there is a second tier where the Wizards belong, but instead they see themselves as a favorite, not a second tier team. That’s a good mentality to have sure, but at the same time you have to beat someone before you think of yourselves that way. Milwaukee is rising fast due to another leap by Giannis and a smart trade to get him some help in trading for Eric Bledsoe. Toronto is still here, but no one expects them to seriously challenge Boston or Cleveland. A bunch of teams have surprised early on like the aforementioned Pistons and 76ers as well as the Magic and Pacers, but again they are first-round fodder for the top teams in the Conference. It gets late early as they say so the Wizards better get their act together if they want home-court advantage at least in the first round.

Not all hope is lost, however, despite the terrible losses. Markieff Morris is back healthy and contributing which unlocks a lot of what the Wizards want to do in terms of downsizing their lineups. Otto Porter has taken his game to another level early on and has been the most consistent starter so far this year. Even Bradley Beal has taken a mini-leap, being more assertive and taking his drives to the basket instead of pulling up for a deep jumper in years past. An encouraging development has been the play of Kelly Oubre early on. With better focus and consistency, the Wizards can start to rely on him for bigger minutes down the stretch. The possibilities for a lineup with Wall, Beal, Oubre, Porter, and Morris are mouth-watering to think about given the overall length and speed that this lineup possesses. It could be a great closing group if everyone maintains their early season improvements throughout the course of the year.

Who do the Wizards want to be? That’s the question that these guys have to answer. Do they just want to be a second-round team for the next few years? That’s certainly possible given the lay of the East. To go deeper, the Wizards will have to dig deeper and find that next gear that only shows up in certain games. Good teams are good night-to-night and not just on the nights that they have something to prove. The East is there for the taking, it’s on these guys to go out and take it.

Game Preview: Vikings at Redskins w/BJ from Vikings Territory

The Vikings and Redskins will battle again this week for the fifth time in eight season. This is the second time in as many seasons that the Vikings will come to DC and just as in past years these teams mirror each other in more than just record and conference positioning. Neither team can run the ball very well and both teams have playoff-caliber defenses. The Vikings have talent at wide receiver with average quarterback play, while the Redskins have talent at quarterback with average (below-average) wide receivers. Joe and Steve recap the week that was in Seattle and preview the upcoming game with BJ Reidell who covers the Vikings for multiple outlets including the About the Labor Podcast,, and Bleacher Report as well. Steve and Joe both have the Redskins winning… but what about BJ? Tune in and find out! (photo credit: 

Week in Wizards; The NBA is Crazy w/Eric Yeboah

There is a first time for everything… and this is certainly a first. Joe is flying solo on this episode of DTC as last minute changes kept FP and LP from joining as scheduled… but never fear Eric Yeboah is here! That’s right! Atlanta Hawks and NBA insider Eric Yeboah sits it for the entire show with Joe and the duo discuss everything NBA from the Wiz slow start, to the slumping Cavs, to the the extremely disappointing Thunder. Joe get’s Eric on the record about the idea that the lack of back-to-back games benefit the below average teams then the two proceed to discuss several of those teams that are performing well to start the season. Eric also shares his thoughts on the MVP of the league so far (Harden or M. Gasol) and in an unforeseen twist, the guys start discussing Crunk and Go-Go music. There is something for everyone in this episode of DTC, listen, like and share!

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