Week in Wizards; The NBA is Crazy w/Eric Yeboah

There is a first time for everything… and this is certainly a first. Joe is flying solo on this episode of DTC as last minute changes kept FP and LP from joining as scheduled… but never fear Eric Yeboah is here! That’s right! Atlanta Hawks and NBA insider Eric Yeboah sits it for the entire show with Joe and the duo discuss everything NBA from the Wiz slow start, to the slumping Cavs, to the the extremely disappointing Thunder. Joe get’s Eric on the record about the idea that the lack of back-to-back games benefit the below average teams then the two proceed to discuss several of those teams that are performing well to start the season. Eric also shares his thoughts on the MVP of the league so far (Harden or M. Gasol) and in an unforeseen twist, the guys start discussing Crunk and Go-Go music. There is something for everyone in this episode of DTC, listen, like and share!

Screenshot 2017-11-09 at 12.25.59



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