Redskins-Vikings halftime update

The game started fast. The Vikings deferred and wanted to test their Defense against the Redskins injured offense. Game on. Redskins promptly marched down the field and quickly threw a Touchdown pass to Maurice Harris. Coach Gruden had to challenge the ruling, but the Redskins clicked. Minnesota quickly and efficiently responded with a touchdown of their own. Maybe this game of a broken offense vs a strong defense has shootout potential.

Untitled picture

The first half moved quick. Shot for shot. Punt for punt. Touchdown for field goal? The Redskins offense has been able to move the ball. Able to put points on the board. The issues so far has been the defense. That stellar defense that held it together against Seattle couldn’t get off the field on 3rd down. Minnesota moved the ball at will. Then it happened. 1:45 left on the clock, 1 time out, and Cousins throws his pick. His notorious pick. Minnesota again quickly scored. The defense, this time put in a tough spot, still could not stop the Vikings.

This isn’t how many expected this game to be. A 27-17 half. The Redskins scoring 17 on a strong defense would typically mean the game is close. For many, especially after last week, the defense was viewed as the strength. The unit that could rally past injuries and could keep this team afloat. Right now they’ve been sinking us and the Vikings are ready to raid and pillage.

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