Redskins Training Camp Begins; Andrew Alix Joins the Show

Redskins training camp is finally here and we have Andrew Alix from Hail to the Podcast on the show to talk about this Redskins roster and expectations for the upcoming season! FP, LP, Stevie, Joe and Andrew dive into the skill positions of concern including defensive back, tight end, and wide receiver. What is a precautionary MRI exactly? What is going with JDoc and who will end the season at left guard. They also discuss if Coach Gruden could end up on the hot seat after another sub-par season and get into some insider talk about who may make this roster and surprise us all! Hail to the Redskins! Let’s go Skins!

Nationals Losing Hope; Capitals Resign Key Player; Tiger Returns + more

FP, Stevie, and Joe jump into the struggles of the Nationals and debate if they can win 70% of their remaining games. Joe is convinced Harper will be traded while Stevie believes he will be back next year. FP talks about the Capitals bringing back a key piece and if they could realistically repeat next season, and the boys discuss Jimmy G dating an adult film star, the NFL mishandling punishment of players, POTUS tweets, and Tom Brady’s fantastic dad-bod which should encourage us all! 

Redskins Training Camp Preview; Upgrades vs Downgrades; NFL Storylines

Manny Benton joins LP, FP, and Joe to talk about the start of training camp and expectations for the Redskins! Manny has years of insider access and knows the halls of Redskins Park better than most and he shares his thoughts on the Redskins skill positions, rookies, and veterans to keep an eye on as well. The defense is improved, but by how much? The tight-end position is the exact same for a third year straight… is that ok? The running back position is wide open… or is #29 locked in to start? Who is going to play the slot and what can we expect from Doctson? +FP and LP debate if the Redskins will win 10 games or 11, and Joe shares his thoughts on a few other teams that have caught his eye including the Rams and Browns. If you are ready for football, love the Redskins, and are anxious to see them take the field, this episode is for you and will set the table very nicely! Hail to the Redskins! Hail Victory! 

NBA Offseason Shenanigans ; Kawhi to North Mexico; Carmelo to ATL

Don’t look now, but the NBA offseason is absolute insantiy. Kawhi wants to go from Spurs to Lakers ends up north of the border with the Raptors and now Carmelo is headed to the Dirty-South ATL for a weekend before getting paid $27.3m and likely ending up in either LA or Miami…but one of the boys thinks he may end up in Golden State! We all saw it coming but did we really? Canada, LP, and Joe discuss the offseason and talk about the league at large plus some Wizards chatter too! Tune in and share!

World Cup 2018 Finale; Croatia; France; Surprises; Withdrawl

The World Cup Finale is just days away and the roundtable is back to talk about the entire event spanning the last month and share opinions on who is likely to win and why. France is loaded with talent, but Croatia seems to rise to every occasion! John, Dan, Sam, Mat, and Joe also discuss the rising and falling stars in the world of soccer, expectations for the third place contest on Saturday and if Wayne Rooney will have a positive impact on our local team here in DC with the opening of their new venue just days away. The boys also debate why their favorite league is the best (La Liga vs EPL is always and intense screaming match) and share some thoughts on what we can all do to fill our time when the soccer ends.