What’s in a Name?; NFC is Wide Open; Lebron is Done; Afghanistan is a Bad Situation


Fire up the mics and lets go! Stevie and Joe are in the booth discussing preseason football, the WFT deep (super deep) list of pass catchers, the Nationals (un)surprisingly exciting youth-movement, Lebron getting zippy MVP votes, and we share our top 5 replacement names for the Football Team. Stevie shared a few original names including one #GameOfThrones themed name, and Joe shared a bunch of classics including Hogs and Valor! Tell us which you prefer! The show wraps with a chat on world events/current events … everyone will learn something on this episode of the pod. Subscribe and share! 


WFT Preseason Week 1 in the books & Cincy Preview


Preseason week 1 is in the books, and on to week 2. In the first preseason game Chase Young had a monster forced fumble, the defense looked great, top 5 is very achievable. Jamin Davis looked a little lost but there is no reason to be concerned, he is a rookie and is learning how to be a star in the NFL> Afterall isn’t that what preseason is about? The offense also looked solid. Fitz was Fitz and Heinicke showed that it wasn’t just a game and a half but he MIGHT be able to do this for real. Jarret Patterson looks like he belongs in the NFL, and can do a little bit of everything. Listen in to FP and LP discuss their thoughts on NFL preseason game and and look forward to preseason game 2. Follow us on Twitter @DefeatTheCurse and let us know what you think of this team. 


Photo credit: Washingtonpost.com

Friday the 13th; WFT Preseason Begins; Field of Dream Game


Joe and Stevie catch up on a plethora of topics as a new football season begins. Fitz is clearly QB1 and everyone SHOULD be ok with that. DC still hurting after the Nationals big trade but how long until they are competitive again? Could the NBA take a page out of the MLB / NHL playbook and have the Nets and Knicks play in Rucker Park? What is old is new again! +the debut of our new show intro! (still working out some technical details… but we are excited to be back in the booth creating content!)

Where Do We (Re)Begin?


After a long winter (many years long) Joe and LP fire up the mics to discuss a plethora of topics ranging from the NFL vax policy to the USA winning the Gold Cup to the Olympics, Euros, the NBA shifting landscape with the Wizards involved in a blockbuster trade, and expectations for the Football Team… could they win the NFC East by more than 2.5 games? …recorded live… welcome and enjoy!