Dear GM,

Dear Scot McCloughan,

Its been two weeks since the Redskins lost what should have been an automatic win. Kirk Cousins received most of the blame for that loss. Yes the defense was trash, as they usually are, and the offense wasn’t really helping Kirk. However, he threw the INT that cost us the game. He could have brought it down and ran to gain a few yards. He didn’t. Kirk Cousins did what he’s done all year…drop back, make his read and throw the ball…
I’ve been a Redskins fan my whole life. I had a night light that would play “Hail to the Redskins” and help me fall asleep. I’ve followed this team and cared about them for as long as I could remember. Once I was old enough and truly learned and understood the dynamics of the game, I followed the Redskins even closer. The decent year, the horrible years, that one Zorn year, and then back to the decent years….never able to enjoy a team that was regularly competitive. We either barely scraped by a win, or we got blown out. I’m a loyal fan. Convincing myself and everyone around me that we are just a few key pieces away from being playoff contenders. Are we an elite franchise? Not even close. But we are close to being a team that is not embarrassing. A Cincinnati Bengals or an Arizona Cardinals…just at the cusp of success.
For so long we’ve been looking for a QB. A guy that can come into the huddle, command respect, bark out the right play and not screw it up. More than a game manager. Now, if we had a stellar, shut down, “we dare you to pass”, earn every yard defense, then a game manager would do. We don’t have that. We have a defense that has a lot of holes. Missed tackles, injured players, confusing schemes and apparently a secondary that doesn’t like each other. So we focused on the Offense. We brought in wide receivers, maybe giving us one of the best set of receivers in the NFL. We have always been strong with our tight ends. Even strong with Jordan Reed. Our run game is slacking, our o-line is almost there….but nothing works without Kirk.
So Scot, how do we hold on to whats been built so far? Continuity. Yes, Joe Berry is gone. Yes, Sean McVay will be leaving us. However the most important piece is just waiting for us to commit to him. I don’t have to compare his numbers. The stats are out there. He’s proven himself over and over again. If the INTs and fixable mistakes are whats holding you back, take a look at the AFC playoffs right now. Backup QBs costing teams their chance at playoff victory. Offense schemes no longer working, resulting in a defense constantly on the field getting ripped apart. Its not rocket science.
Committing to Kirk is the right move. Not by tagging him, but by showing him he is our guy and keeping him here long term. Build up the offense with a stronger run game, developing Doctson and keep that offense at a high pace. I have no doubt you can rebuild our defense. Yes we have holes, but many of them can be fixed via draft. Kirk has the skill set and dedication. More importantly, he has the work ethic and the ability to become one of the best QBs. I heard it takes about 2 full seasons before the game slows down and you can start to really improve. This will be Kirks third year as THE guy. Watch and see what he can do…I bet you wont be disappointed.
-Paul Farag

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