Welcome to the Bandwagon

Welcome to all the new fans and spectators of the Washington Wizards. We’ve been waiting for you. The Washington Wizards took the defending champs down to the wire on Monday in what was easily the most exciting game this season for the NBA. This game had it all, from lead changes to 3 point exchanges, and a shot at the end of regulation that to tie then ultimately lose. THAT is why a blog with this name even exists.

The Wizards win streak may have ended, but this is just the beginning. Monday was proof that the goal isn’t just to make it to the playoffs, its to make it deep into the playoffs.

Lebron James is good, he is also extremely lucky. Usually I would talk about how Monday night’s game is more proof that DC is cursed. Nobody should have been able to make that shot. Its inconceivable that we let Lebron score three times from long range within a 97 second span. On top of that was everything that went down in overtime. Lebron fouls out after 1 minute, DC fans celebrate…then Kyrie Irving decides to remind us all he exists. Kyrie scored 11 points in OT, the second-most for any player in an overtime this season, second only to Russell Westbrook, who scored 14 against Washington back in November. Despite those reasons, I’m not upset. I don’t think the curse played a part in the game on Monday.

The Wizards needed that game, and that outcome. Would a win have been preferred? Yes. I’m not an idiot. A win would have been huge. What I am saying now though, is that a loss can be used as fuel. The hunger will now be there after the all-star break. A win that big, this early, in this town….THAT is how the curse would strike. We can’t handle national attention. Not yet. Knowing this city, and our teams, a win Monday night would have quenched this teams thirst. If only for a little bit. I don’t want us to stumble a few games then fight our way back up the ranks before the playoffs.

The Wizards have something brewing and you’re all welcome to enjoy the show and cheer at the phone booth. Monday was your sneak peak. Buy your tickets, put your jerseys on, and rock your throwback Bullets snap backs. The Wizards are getting ready to make a statement. We’re coming for you Lebron…and next time that shot won’t fall.

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