Since the All-Star Break

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted at Defeating the Curse. I’d like to say the reason was because we were working on some really exciting things to bring to the fans; but we’ve just been quiet. (Cough… Redskins management…cough).

Depending on who you ask, a lot has happened since the NBA All-Star break. Right before, the wizards had a FANTASTIC win against the OKC Thunder. That game was in Washington’s control from the start. I like to use the phrase “statement game” a lot. This was not one. This was just the wizards living up to their hype and delivering when they needed to. And on a nationally televised game. From there we beat the Pacers, take the All-Star break and begin trade rumors. The trade deadline is today at 3pm ET. So far the Wizards are getting Bojan Bogdanovic and Chris McCullough and giving up Marcus Thornton, Andrew Nicholson and a 2017 first-round pick. Additionally Trey Burke is apparently in the trading block for a second round pick. If that goes through, you have to question who would play PG with the second unit. It is likely that more trades are in the works today.

The Capitals suffered a few losses while we were gone. One came to the Detroit Red Wings via shootout, the second to one of the more aggravating teams, the NY Rangers. Thankfully we crushed the Philadelphia Flyers, which is always a good feeling. With the bye-week behind them, the focus now is fully on Stanley Cup and playing their best hockey yet. This should scare every team. Especially in the East. As fans of our local DC hockey team, we also need to be keeping an eye out on the Tampa Bay Lightning. Having them sneak into the playoffs could possibly mean a rough road for the Capitals in the playoffs. No team wants to have to go through the Lightning and Pittsburgh Penguins. Side note — The curse applies here. Who would really be surprised to see a sudden hot Tampa team knock out a Washington team in the playoffs?

On to the Redskins. The now awkwardly quiet Washington Redskins. At first I was proud of my team keeping silent, working behind the scenes and not making any insane splashes that we as fans are used to. Now, I’m concerned. Someone tell us SOMETHING. Are we signing Kirk? Can we Keep Pierre? All of a sudden DeSean said he likes it here and wants to play with a franchise QB…does that mean Kirk? Since the same timeframe as the NBA All-Star break, Redskin fans have had to deal with the Washington Post publishing articles that frustrate almost every Redskins fan. Click-Bait much? There was a small fire surrounding Chris Cooley claiming our GM was drinking again, and Pierre Garcon asking “Y’all hiring” on his Instagram, which is now where us fans are receiving most of their information. Couple all those things with reports leaking out that it’s looking more and more like Kirk will not be staying with the Skins and I’d go full boycott. Hey…at least Bruce Allen put up a new sign!

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