Wizards Fast break: The Good, the Better, and the Ugly

It’s been a while since we last posted about the Wizards, mainly for a couple reasons. The All-Star break was a snooze fest, the Wizards only played 2 games in the past 11 days, but then there was the trade deadline in which the Wizards made a move to acquire some bench help. I am feeling positive so in this blog series I am going to break it down to the good, the better, then the ugly.


I am going to list Bojan Bogdanivic in the good category as of now. It’s too early to tell, this can easily move to the better or the ugly category. The Wizards gave up 2 players who haven’t played much this season, or haven’t lived up to their off season expectations and a protected first round pick for bench help and a developmental player in Chris McCollough. Bojan didn’t play too well in his first game as a Wizard on Friday against the 76ers, then picked it up against the Jazz scoring 15 points. Bojan hasn’t been able to create shots on his own, which is really what the Wizards needed. You have to give Bojan time to settle in, learn the style of play, the players, then see what he can offer. So far so good…let’s see what he can do mid March and beyond. I am excited to say the least.


In this category one major thing happened, or I will say didn’t happen. None of the teams in the Eastern Conference really got better at the trade deadline. I was dead afraid of the Paul George to the Celtics rumors. That would make them a top contender in the East no doubt. They are still a scary team, but I would take my chances in a 7 game series. The Cavs you can say maybe got a little better with the trade in acquiring Deron Williams, a bona fide point guard. However he is probably past his prime, and who knows how the chemistry will work on that team. We all know that cry baby James is sensitive when things don’t go his way. In addition the team potentially took a big hit with the Kevin Love injury. Cleveland is still the favorite in the east but what we learned when they played here in D.C. is that the Wizards can contend with them. Then there is the Raptors who got better with a Serge Ibaka trade but got significantly worse today with the news of Kyle Lowry’s injury. I’ll never wish an injury on a player and I hope Kyle a full recovery, however this team is just not going to be the same without Kyle.


There is no question about it, the Wizards backup point guard play is just plain old ugly. During Friday’s game against the 76ers, the ‘6ers pressured Trey Burke in the back court and he just had no answer. Pressuring your point guard and getting to him should not be a thing in the NBA. On Sunday Scott Brooks tried the Satoransky hand at PG, but that didn’t go much better. In turn having to pull John Wall off the bench after just a short rest. This is going to be the biggest Achilles heel in the Wizards lineup for the foreseeable future. Word on the street is that the Wizards are in play for Brandon Jennings’ services. At this point, I doubt it can get worse, so I am all in for it. The Wizards HAVE to find a way to give John more of a break, and this may be a possible solution. The Jennings watch has started..


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