Fail to the Redskins??

R-E-L-A….wait, wrong team. EVERYONE PANIC!? The Washington Redskins have restored order…as the MOST dysfunctional, idiotic, ass-backwards franchise in ALL sports. They’ve done it again. 1 step forward, 6 years back! Its a known and sad reality that victims of abusive relationships blame themselves. There have been a few media outlets saying we the fans are to blame. “Stop giving the team your money”, “Don’t buy season tickets” etc etc…Its not us. It’s the front office. The millionaire megalomaniac and the needy narcissist running the show are the ones messing everything up.

If you haven’t been following the Redskins the past few weeks, (which is impossible because in D.C., local news is national news) you’ve missed a lot. Scot Mccloughan apparently disappeared, had a grandmother pass away twice,  and fall off the wagon and drunkenly walk his dog to whole foods in his Redskins pjs. Talk about an eventful week for the guy right? We should give him a break, send him to rehab, try to help him get back on his feet before the draft. NOPE! Fired. Why was her fired? Its all speculation now, but basically Bruce Allen was jealous and stomped his feet and set our team back years….or so we think?

Aside from the fiasco that was the firing of Scot McCloughan, Jay Gruden had his contract extended and Kirk Cousins signed his tag. We also signed two run stopping defensive tackles, a safety and brought in Terrelle Pryor to replace one of the 1000 yard receivers we lost. Don’t get me wrong, I loved me some PG and DJax, but they were going to demand too much money and were on the wrong side of 30. I can make my peace with losing them, especially if we also add Cordarrelle Patterson, which is currently a possibility. I call this the Patriots theory….release the player a year early instead of locking them in with a contract and seeing them fall off. As of the writing of this post, there has also been speculation that the Redskins are interested in hiring Mike Mayock as our new GM or Mark Dominik, both of which could help me forget about ol’ Scotty boy.

The truth is, yes the Redskins completely botched how they handled the firing of their GM on the first day of free agency and right before the draft. Yes, the main problem is our team showed there is still a major structural issue in the front office, and unfortunately, those issues don’t seem like they’ll be leaving anytime soon. However, Scot, his wife, his agent and an unnamed NFL official are also to blame. We wish Scot well, and hope he finds success with another team. With that being said, I’m over it. Call me an optimist or a fool, but I truly believe we can put this all behind us and get back on track.

So let’s all take a deep breath, woosah, and hope that Dan and Bruce hire a proven GM in the coming days, not a yes-man, and we have a successful draft. Remember, it could be worse! We could still have Vinny Cerrato.




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