The Curse defeats D.C.

This is not going to be a positive post. I will not look for any silver linings or say it was a good run. Washington D.C. sports has broken my spirit yet again. TWO game 7 losses in less than a week. If you ever doubted we are cursed as a city or that this blog/podcast was a joke, I assure it’s not. The better teams did not win their respective series. The Washington Capitals and Washington Wizards lost and I have no words of encouragement for anyone.

The Washington Wizards, who literally just lost game 7 in Boston, apparently did know that a bench presence or defense was going to be needed. Letting a 7ft pony tail wearing Kelly Olynyk take over the 4th quarter makes no sense. How Morris or Gortat couldn’t figure out their rotations or what to do boggles the mind. Isiah Thomas is trash. It was proven tonight. The lack of defense that allows consecutive three pointers from KELLY EFFING OLYNYK is not proof of the curse, it’s the definition of it.   John Wall going cold in a game 7 in the second half is the definition of the curse. The bench being outscored by again…KELLY EFFING OLYNYK is the definition of the curse. This team started the season with a trash defense and ended their season the same way.

Then you have the Caps. God I hate the Capitals. Easily the most disappointing franchise in Washington DC. Yes, that includes the Redskins. To have the best regular season record two years in a row and to lose to a lower seed team has become the norm. I don’t want to hear about how Ovechkin is the best scorer in all of hockey. He forgets it come important playoff games. When the season is on the line. Guess what, the Capitals forget how to play defense too. The window of opportunity is closing for this team. Maybe next year, if we suck during the regular season just enough, we can excel in the playoffs. (That was Sarcasm…it’ll never happen)

So where does that leave us? Where does that leave our City? Exactly where all of us subconsciously knew we’d be. Depressed. Thankfully we have the Nationals…with the second best record in the MLB. Sound familiar? It should. All that means is we’ll find a way to end the year with the best record and get disappointed in October. That disappointment will probably happen the same week that the Redskins find a way to lose a divisional matchup to a subpar team. It’s the DC way.

Like I said, this post isn’t going to find silver lining. I’ve thrown in the towel. Maybe the Redskins can restore a little faith in our city by locking up Kirk Cousins to a long term deal before the deadline in July. (Again, that was sarcasm.). Good night DC fans. We’ll open up a support group in October and December when the other two teams let us down.

Until then, screw the D.C. curse….and Kelly effing Olynyk.

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