Wizards Draft Predictions and the Eastern Conference shake up

The finals are over. The Warriors are the champions. Lebron is still a baby, and now I hate KD even more. For many it’s easy to fall into the summer slump of watching meaningless Baseball games, however blockbuster trades and the rumor mill is keeping the NBA relevant.

NBA: Washington Wizards at Indiana Pacers
via USA Today Sports

The Wizards have the 52nd pick in the draft, since we traded away our first round pick to the Nets. As far as I’m concerned, unless you are in the top 10 of the NBA draft, via lottery or trade, it’s completely acceptable to ignore. The hope is we draft some technically sound players who could end up strengthening our bench. Be that as it may, the draft did have a huge shake up that will certainly impact the Eastern conference, and the Wizards.

The trash Celtics traded away the number 1 overall pick to the Sixers. If you haven’t been following, basically the Sixers will most likely draft Markelle Fultz to complement their core nucleus which will eventually turn into a playoff worthy team. The Celtics now get an extra pick in a pretty loaded draft. Thankfully they still have IT who can’t play defense. The story between the lines here is that the Sixers have improved, and the Celtics have all the assets plus the cap space needed for yet another blockbuster move. Paul George anyone?

So what does this mean for the Eastern Conference? Lebron Cry Baby James will most likely leave the east. Paul George will no longer be on a Pacers team that refuses to compliment him and end up somewhere where he is actually wanted, and the Celtics could bring in an all star such as Gordon Hayward of Blake Griffin. So what should the Wizards do?

As of this article, there have been reports that the Wizards could be in the hunt for Paul George himself. (I swear this article wasn’t supposed to be centered around him, but he appears to be on every team’s mind). How could the Wizards make that happen? Realistically Otto Porter would be the player to get leveraged  and then some guarantees from all teams involved would need to be made. I personally doubt this move happens, but the thought of Wall, Beal and George on the same team gives me goose bumps.

The take away thought from all these hypothetical and yet inevitably splashy moves is that the Eastern Conference will look entirely different next season. Curse or not, the Wizards still have a chance to be a top contender. With that being said, I still hate Lebron. I now hate KD (until he decides to come home to DC) and the West will still dominate.

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