So….Do the Caps still have a shot?

The last time we covered the caps on DTC, we discussed their Off season moves, the draft and what pieces are still missing. A few more moves happened, yet the question remains….”So will we have another shot?” Being that this is a DC sports team, most fans fell into two categories after the Caps yet again shot blanks (pun intended) in the playoffs. Either you gave up all hope, said we need to blow up the entire team, Ovi is old and fire Trotz, or you were a hopeless fan who believed we’d figure it out and make the right moves this offseason.


As discussed previously, the Capitals resigned Oshie to  monster 8yr/46mil deal. At first everyone was thrilled we retained the contributing and big time right winger. That was until everyone remembered he’s 30. Next the Caps resigned Orlov, younger and a defensemen we need, but essentially caused us to lose Shattenkirk. To the Rangers. 1 of the 3 heads in the Capitals playoffs nightmare.

How’s everyone feeling so far? The loyalists still loyal? The deflated still flat? Lets keep going shall we? With Shattenkirk gone, his blue line partner Alzner is also gone. Who went to Montreal (that would be head number 2 for those keeping track). Sadly, the worst news still hasn’t been mentioned. Trading away Johansson for draft picks. I understand the move, and MacLellan was justified in doing so in order to retain a high ceiling player in Center Kuznetsov.  Until you realize that he kept 36 year old Orpik, with a pretty big cap hit on the team. What was his reason? Orpik’s off-ice value. MacLellan and Bruce Allen probably talk about winning off the field/ice over drinks on the regular.

So do we still have a shot? Can the Capitals find a way to make it back into the playoffs? As a recap we are left with, over paid vets, an abundance of young talent and giving opposing teams some pretty serious weapons. The nucleus is still there. The off-ice veterans are there to help the young talent, and I believe in Trotz to make us competitive. Sadly though nobody will know if we suck or not until we make it to the playoffs.

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