What the Redskins can learn from Superbowl LI

The Superbowl is fast approaching. In 11 days two of the most prolific offenses this season will battle it out in Houston. Starring a soon to be Hall of Fame QB, who is showing age is nothing but a number, and an up and coming QB who has battled the legacy of “choke artist” his whole career. Most people probably aren’t that surprised the Falcons and Patriots have made it this far. Highest scoring offense, most efficient when it comes to 20+ yard passes, the stats are there. What may surprise people is if you take a look at the offensive stats this year…you’ll find the Redskins sitting comfortably in between the Falcons and Patriots in most if not all of those offensive categories.

Shocking I know. So why didn’t we make it to the big game? Why couldn’t we even make it into the playoffs? Defense. That cliche line of “Defense wins championships” holds true. Hear that Scot? Defense…wins…championships. So far we are doing a good job. The move to promote in house and make Manusky our defensive coordinator is a smart play. Continuity is never a bad thing if you aren’t willing to spend the money on a whole new roster. Then we bring in Tomsula who has been quoted as a “guru” when it comes to designing run fronts…something everyone can agree the Redskins struggled with.

Speaking of Coach Tomsula….who doesn’t love an ex-head coach now as a position coach. I’m pretty confident in his abilities. Not to mention he has a pretty awesome theme song:


So what else do the Redskins need to do to make a Superbowl run? Continuity on offense. We already discussed why we should commit to Cousins. You know…that QB that replaced the NFC QB this weekend in the pro bowl. The guy who helped get our offense ranked as high the two Superbowl contenders. On top of that, we NEED to make sure Pierre Garcon comes back. Kirk would appreciate it, I know I would, as well as the rest of the fan base.

Until Doctson proves he is able to get healthy, which I don’t see happening anytime soon, we need to maintain our offense to the best of our ability. Although he did go for a run in the pool…nice progress (I’m joking…its been almost a whole year….lets go buddy). Now with all this talk about the 49ers being interested in Cousins, it sure would be nice to tell him his most trusted WR will be back to help him out.

Next step – the Draft. RB is a need. Literally the entire defense is in a need. Interior offense line is a need. Thankfully, these are all positions where you can draft an immediate impact player. Do you take Fournette in this first round? I say yes. If for some reason he falls into our lap, you take him. Give me a head turning, legit, running back and our passing offense and I’ll be a happy fan. HOWEVER, those remaining draft picks better be to fill in our glaring needs.




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