What happens if Jay Gruden calls plays?

The LA Rams have a new coach, a new cross town rival, and eventually a new stadium. Newly hired HC Sean McVay is being praised by everyone for how he is getting respect from his players, some older than him, and how composed and excited he seems to be with being the leagues youngest coach. He will no doubt make an excellent head coach. However, I for one will miss him, and his play calling.

The offense was always Jay Grudens design. He game planned, he did the hard work, but it was McVay who was in Kirks ear. It was McVay that helped our offense become efficient. The three headed monster that was Gruden,McVay and Callahan when it came to play calling become a tamed beast once McVay was THE play caller.

We went from a middle of the pack offense to an all of a sudden explosive one in the second half of 2015. Once the 2016 season kicked off , you could see how efficient we had become. We were moving up and down the field with the best of them. Commentators would finally mention the Redskins in the same breath as the Patriots and Packers and Falcons. We were a mini-me of the elites. Trying our best to mimic the true greats. 3rd and 8? No problem! Bubble screen to Chris Thompson for 14! Crowd goes wild. 1st and 10? Easy! 50-yard bomb to D.Jax. Kirk Cousins was dropping dimes left and right. Jordan Reed was making defenses sweat. Sean McVay was showing his true brilliance…

Now we all face uncertainty. What will Jay Gruden do now? With McVay going to the Rams, the Redskins have promoted Matt Cavanaugh from QB Coach to Offensive Coordinator. People have already started asking Gruden if he will take over play-calling, or if that job will stay with his new OC. Here are the main reasons why Jay calling the plays could be a double-edged sword:

The positive is that this is Jay’s system. He should be the one with the most knowledge about what works best, and when to call certain plays. Also, with Jay calling the plays, HOPEFULLY somebody else will begin to help him more with game and time management, since he is ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS at it. Someone else taking over could finally mean we end the half and games with grace. Wouldn’t that be something new…The negative about Jay calling plays is that it adds another thing for him to focus on on top of head coaching plate that already includes more than just the aforementioned game and time management. If for some reason they don’t allocate someone to help him, it could very well have a negative impact on all his responsibilities.

All I’m asking for is an efficient offense that is not predictable, doesn’t abandon the run and shows signs of urgency at the appropriate times. Oh, and calling a time out at the right time couldn’t hurt either.

1 thought on “What happens if Jay Gruden calls plays?”

  1. I think you have to give Gruden year 1 a pass. He had a mix of RG3 holding the ball for 35 seconds per play, lack of confidence Kirk, and Colt who…well is Colt. And a very injured Jordan reed, no Jameson Crowder etc. With much much much better QB play and better all around talent I am excited to see what Jay can do.


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