Redskins Prepared with PERFECT Game Plan

On a day in the NFL marked by various forms of protest the Redskins pulled together and played a complete game. We typically don’t like to mix sports and politics but when the politicians comment on sports and the athletes comment on politics it is all in-bounds to some degree. For right now however, let’s focus on the Redskins on the field performance.

It has been a long long time since our Washington Redskins dominated a team from start to finish as they did last night in a prime time spot in the national spotlight. Well, it happened last year against the Packers but that was promptly followed by a stinker against the Panthers… so what will happen next week against Kansas City? The answer will define the rest of our season.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 12.12.14 PM.png

On the DTC podcast most of the praise was heaped upon the coaching staff which hasn’t happened in as long as I can remember and which they completely deserved. Coach Gruden had an absolutely perfect game plan installed for the Raiders that was tailored to the Redskins strength and not to the perceived weakness of the the opponent. It worked. It worked really really well. The Redskins ran the ball often and ran it well and as fans is there anything more exciting than watching a parade of elephants, called the offensive line, 35 yards down the field blocking defensive backs at will. The offensive and defensive lines dominated the line of scrimmage from the first play to the last one.

If the Redskins play defense at 75% of the level they did last night they would beat the majority of teams [~80%] the majority of the time [80%] in the league. They didn’t beat the Rams twice, they beat the Rams once, and then silenced a very very good offense holding Crabtree and Cooper to a total of 2 catches for 13 yards! Yes! The defense also pressured Carr all night and sacked him on back to back plays for the first time in several seasons. But improvements are needed on the offensive side of the ball, primarily at the wide receiver position because can the running game be any better than it is right now? Pryor and company must find a way to generate more options for Kirk in addition to the TE’s and RB’s on the roster. Even with limited options, Kirk managed 350 yards and three touchdowns and outplayed the equally paid Carr soundly.

For now, let’s enjoy the win and get ready to face another good test on Monday night in another prime time spot against the equally dangerous KC Chiefs. Hail to the Redskins!

Get caught up on the podcast here! #HTTR

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