D.C. Means Division Champs! Nationals Win NL East


A special Patriots Day episode of D.T.C. remembering all those impacted by 9/11 here in DC and beyond. The Nationals have won the NL East for the fourth time in six years and all eyes now turn to the postseason! The Nats didn’t just take care of business, they did in historical fashion locking up the NL East in record time (fastest in 15 years) and well, who cares that the NL East is historically bad, we are going to the playoffs! Stevie and Joe talk all things Nats including how amazing Trea Turner is playing (as if he hasn’t missed any time), when/if Bryce will return, and which opponent would you rather not see in the postseason; D’backs, Cubs, Brewers, Dodgers… Cardinals. The Nats aren’t streaking, they are just plain great, and the numbers don’t lie. The pitching rotation is tops in MLB and at any time the bats can explode too. This is it DC, our best shot at Defeating the Curse is the 2017 Washington Nationals! Congrats boys! Let’s keep it rolling! (photo credit: Federal Baseball)

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