2017 Week 1 – Eagles at Redskins – Game Preview + Special Guest Cody Benjamin


FP is pissed that Sua has left the team and Stevie doesn’t really care but thinks the timing is really bad. LP thinks everyone is basing their assessments of Cravens on potential and the desire to find the next Sean Taylor (RIP 21)… The DTC crew in typical Redskins-fan style lower their expectations after a poor preseason heading into Week 1. Is the team collapsing under the weight of fan expectations or are fans just expecting too much? That and many other questions were asked of Cody Benjamin (starting at 15:30), a writer for CBS Sports, and BleedingGreenNation for an Eagles-Insider perspective. Cody also shares thoughts on the week 1 matchup vs the Redskins, Philly-fan expectations of Carson Wentz, and the offseason roster shuffling at RB and WR. Football is back, the Redskins are back… week 1 here we go! Listen and share! (Photo Credit: Fast Philly Sports)

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