2017 Week 2 – Redskins at Rams – Game Preview


FP and LP are back on to preview the Redskins and Rams. Today marks exactly 20 years since the FedEx field has opened. The Redskins at 79-81-1 during their 20 year tenure at FedEx field. LP is annoyed at Redskins fans reaction after their season opening loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. FP things Redskins fans are justified because of all they had to put up with. FP defends Dan Snyder as he has been surprisingly silent and allowing the front office to run the team. There are many coaching ties between the Redskins and the Rams, where FP and LP discuss who has the coaching edge. FP and LP both discuss the offense, defense and special teams and make their game predictions. Tweet us your game predictions @DefeatTheCurse 

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