Redskins Defeat the LA Rams: Instant Reaction

After the first win of the 2017 season, FP and LP are breaking down the win with instant reactions. The mentee couldn’t defeat the mentor. Aaron Donald was a force but just not enough for the LA Rams, as they went down to the Washington Redskins 27-20. FP and LP break down their grades for the offense, defense and special teams. The offensive run game was running on all cylinders today, however the pass game struggled at times. The defense had a solid showing with the one-armed Mason Foster sealing the game with a 4th quarter pick. At the end of a day a win is a win and the Washington Redskins won the game. LP and FP are both confident the Redskins will get better with time, but have 2 tough games coming up. We are going to enjoy this win for 24 hours before moving on the Oakland Raiders. Hail to the Redskins!

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