The Eagles are Champions

With much sadness and contempt, we must announce and confirm, the Philadelphia Eagles are champions. The NFC East continued to terrorize Brady & Bunch in the Super Bowl improving to 3-0 (Giants x2, Eagles x1) and the offseason has officially arrived. Now as Redskins fans we can’t cheer for a division rival, and cheering for greatness is boring, so most of us were cheering for our money… but we lost most of our prop bets too. Tough night all around for Redskins fans but let’s be honest… Pete from Philly deserves a moment or two to enjoy his championship and predicted the keys to the game perfectly last week. Stevie, Joe, and Pete recap the big game with an eye turned now to the offseason and what may or may not happen just a bit north on I-95. We are just 80 days away from the NFL draft…

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