Redskins vs Saints; 2018 Week 5 Preview; Brees Chasing History

The Redskins head to New Orleans to face the Saints on Monday night in a primetime spot but the biggest news tonight is this is the first truly solo show for Joe! It finally happened! Well not really, it’s just a solo entrance to a joint podcast hosted by the Who Dat Dish podcast previewing the big game. Can the Redskins keep Drew Brees from attaining the all-time passing yards record (201), will Mark Ingram change the game and force the Redskins to adapt defensively, or will Chris Thompson pickup where he left off last year in the same building to finish off the Saints? These are two evenly matched teams, one with offensive firepower, and the other with a stud defense, going head to head in an early season matchup that may have serious playoff implications just a few months from now as the NFC is taking shape. This is an extended episode, so get comfortable and enjoy! The joint podcast begins at the 11min mark for those that want to skip Joe’s entrance and get into the game details! Hail to the #Redskins #HailVictory #HTTR

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