Fail to the Redskins; Fire Bruce; Record Low Attendance

The Redskins are an embarrassment that words cannot fully illustrate. Once upon a time we had a real quarterback… he wore the number 8. Bruce Allen refused to sign him to a long term deal, traded away all of his receivers, his “weapons”, then watched him still throw for nearly 4000 yards before refusing to sign him again, and ultimately watched him leave DC just as the prime of his career was on the horizon. Alex Smith (Godspeed on your recovery) is likely never going to play football again, Colt is a backup at best and a year and half away from returning from his injury, Mark Sanchez does not belong in the NFL and Josh Johnson will start at quarterback next week for the 6-7 Redskins who left the few true fans they had left with their heads in their hands asking themselves how much longer must we endure Bruce “Goose” Allen? Playoffs? Forget about it… we need the ‘Skins to lose 50-0 every week moving forward to force Dan to fire Bruce. As fans we deserve better than this! The Giants are not a more talented team, but they showed today that in sports, talent never beats hard work. Today, every Redskins fan should be disappointed, and if we really want to see change, we have to send a message… don’t sell your tickets, trash them, force this team to play in front of no fans… when we attend they complain… so let’s give them what they want… silence. Shame.

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