NBA Finals Preview; Rematch x4; Eight Years of LeBron

The (most boring) NBA Finals have arrived… (but we are spicing things up with some NBA on NBC theme music!)… #Warriors vs #LeBron for the 4th straight year… how does anyone get excited about that? Well, maybe we aren’t excited, but we still love basketball, and still will watch, so let’s set the table for the series which begins on Thursday night… afterall LeBron was right, “not 1, not 2, not 3…” he has been to 8 straight finals, which is incredible to consider as many of us were still in school or hadn’t met our spouses… eight years ago #ESPN was still relevant, and #Drake hadn’t released an album yet… must less a “dis-track”. Justin Blaze (@jusblaze_513) from the Above the Rim Podcast joins Joe to preview the matchup and make some predictions for the series and also for the #Wizards and the offseason staring Ernie G in the face. If you love the #NBA give this episode a listen, and share it too!

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